About Us

About Us

Our History

The Emerald Dynasty (PTY) Ltd is a Private Limited Company Registered under Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. We have 8.5 hectares of land in the region of Pretoria to carry out agriculture businesses, including crop farming, livestock farming, trading of agriculture products, and other agriculture-related businesses.

The company started its operation in 2021 and was officially registered with the CIPC in 2022. We are currently focused on crop farming and will expand our business in the future by creating personalized apps for small to medium-scale farmers, so that they can use data to inform their decisions on the farm.

This is a business fully owned and operated by the black youth, who each bring their skills and expertise in various fields.

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Meet Our Team

Tlhabaki Mokadikwa

Founder and CEO

  • Worked: Pack house, Piggery, Rabbitry
  • Self-taught app developer (built the emerald dynasty app).
  • Farmer

Jeremiah Chishiri

Director Compliance Manager

  • Abattoir management
  • GDAERD award winner
  • Meat inspector tutor
  • PMI, PME, Hygiene management system design.

Motlalepule Mokadikwa

Director Marketing and Customer Relations Manager

  • BA In communication science University of South Africa 2019
  • Certificate ALX Africa 2023-current